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1967 Coronet needs hood alignment
I can’t explain what happened, but I can no longer get my hood to latch. It seems like something is just out of alignment. I bought a NOS latch, thinking my original just wasn’t working right, but it is not that. After messing with it for God knows how many hours, I finally give up. Can you guys recommend a good body shop near Williamstown, NJ to get my hood aligned and latching again? Thanks….. Andy
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Heya Andy,

I had similar problem with mine when I took it apart to get engine compartment painted years ago.. Best advice I can give is push the latch all the way up and then just snug it down to hold it in place. Then close the hood, that should push the latch down so it engages and stops where it will catch. Also, did you do anything to the bump stops on the rad support? If too high, they'll cause you problems when trying to close
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