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Holley customer service
I have a Holley 750 street hp on the 400 in my dart. I bought it new in 2005 I started having issues with it so I took it apart and found that the plating on the inside was cracked and peeling/flaking. I sent Holley an email explaining what is going on. They asked for pictures and numbers from the carburetor which I sent them a few days later. A few weeks went by before I heard back from them. They asked me to send the carb to them. 2 days later they called me and said it couldn’t be repaired and the were sending me a brand new carb free of charge. I was shocked! Great customer service!
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Smelling like a rose
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That's awesome!
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Yes there is hope
The Idaho Andy
Max is so fast I had to put a Quadrajet on it to slow it down so Ol Blue could keep up
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The new carb came today, I put it on and got it adjusted. It idles so much better now. The old carb made it sound like it was running on 6 cylinders and was extremely rich.
Clean as a whistle 
Smelling like a rose
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They'll be sending you another replacement in 2033!
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President, New England chapter of Coronetaholics anonomous.
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Its a shame that its so refreshing when a company stands behind their product! Cool deal. Have had a couple dealings with companies over the years when they warranty something no questions asked and its awesome!
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