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New to me "old" dodge
New to me.
My Dad fixed this up back in 1983. Before he passed, he gave it to my older brother. It's been sitting in his barn covered for years.

New battery, new gas and some starting fluid and I'm driving it home this afternoon.

Shes going to to need brake work and the front end has a shimmy but she doesn't look so bad.

All orginal. Dad gave it to him so I wouldn't rod it Big Grin I guess I can't now.


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Nice truck you have there Bill, your Father did a fine job on that one.
The Idaho Andy
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Beautiful truck. Flat head motor?
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Love it!
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Nice ... I also have my Dads 1952 Fargo 1/2 ton short box that he bought brand new in in 1953... it still runs and drives with well over 300000 miles on it ...

awesome trucks !!

Yours must be a 53 ? and I have never seen a 3 piece back window on a Dodge in those years !!!
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It's a 1951 three window.

flathead 6. Don't know why the coil is upside down?


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All I can say is the pictures don't do it justice... it's a beautiful truck..
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Cool Truck!!
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A guy in the area here has a 53, he put a 392 Hemi in it!
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