Forum Announcement: Forum Rules
We gotta have rules unfortunately. All forums have them, so we’re no different.

1. Keep it clean folks. We may have kids that read this, and results do show up on search engines.

2. Goes without saying.. posting of naked people isn’t allowed. The UPS girl is fine, Playmate of the month is not. (Scruffy’s is the place for that)

3. Disagree with someone? Keep it civil. Remember we all have different tastes and opinions. There is a difference between busting cajones and negative opionions.

4. This a forum about Coronets, but we’ll talk about other Mopars, and even include Ford and GM and cars in general if you want. While The Hangout is a place to talk about other stuff, please post political/religious/sexual orientation stuff at forums meant for them. In 15yrs, only one person has been banned, and that’s because of their refusal to stop talking politics.

5. Enjoy and have fun. Pretend it’s the garage and everyone sitting around BS’ing about cars.

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