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1967 Coronet 'Restoration'
This is about the 4th time I've tried doing this, for my 50th birthday (today actually) I've decided to put my first car back together as a present to myself (and really a life goal).

The objective is to keep it like it was in high school (with better paint) and some upgrades. Thanks to Mike I have a motor coming back from the machine shop here in a couple of days. I'll document progress here as I go. To begin here is what I am working with today, shes back there in the corner.

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I have had some work done over the years, a 26" radiator support, super stock springs and full length subframe connectors ( you can jack up any part of the car and 3 wheels come off the ground).

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I purchased a NOS quarter over the summer. I'm searching for a reputable body shop here in the Mid-Atlantic region to put in on and body work the car.

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First things first. I need to get it off of jack stands and make it roll again.

To do that I bought a 3.91 center chunk and axles from Dr. Diff

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Happy birthday man!!! Is that the same car you used to drive 20ish years ago? Have we really known each other that long? Anyway good luck with the project!
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That one your thinking about is my 4 speed, I've owned that since 1996, this one here since 1990.

And yup its been a solid 20 years ...or more!

Happy Birthday!! I hope your friends didn't do to you what they did to me when I turned 50!!! (yes I have pictures but no I ain't posting em!)

First car I drove with Piper in was a Belvedere with a nasty 440 in it.. I think that was the night we fired up the 4spd car for the first time, or did we just adjust rockers? I dunno.. all I remember is directions. "Get off highway, hang right at WaWa.. turn left at next WaWa, then turn left at next WaWa, shop is on right". Then when leave "Turn right, go about half mile and the highway is right there".
I love Mopars so much I'm date coding the skid marks in my underwear.

Thanks for the birthday wishes guys!

(10-23-23, 09:27 PM)Piper Wrote: Thanks for the birthday wishes guys!

Happy birthday!! Its fun having you here and posting your project upgrades.
The Idaho Andy
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(10-23-23, 09:45 PM)67r/t4speeder Wrote:
(10-23-23, 09:27 PM)Piper Wrote: Thanks for the birthday wishes guys!

Happy birthday!! Its fun having you here and posting your project upgrades.

Thanks Andy!

Im excited to get working on this car and sharing the progress. Plus I'm loving the new board, thanks to Mike for all the work he's put into it. It makes it easier to post pictures.

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