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1970 Coronet 500 new to me.
I may or may not have introduced myself back when I joined months ago but here's the car and an update on it. We got a 1970 Coronet 500 from Las Vegas N.M.  It's an interesting town, they make lots of movies and TV shows there.

'70 Coronet 500 hardtop light yellow or cream colored
383 2bbl on the column
Buckets seats with buddy seat saddle brown.

It has very little rust living in N.M. its whole life but the interior took a bad sun baking. It has some dings but the driver's door is pretty bad.  I'm looking for a new door and I know all B-Bodies (not Charger) from 68 to 70 have the same door. It looks like it was an old person's car.  It had full hubcaps and a factory rub strip down the full length of the body. I can find no signs of Day 2 modifications. It wasn't running when I got it but the engine would turn over.  This summer I pulled the plugs and drenched the cylinders with Marvel Mystery oil. A month later we tried starting it and could get it to run for about a minute with gas poured in the carb. I put new tires and 15" steelies with dog dish hubcaps on them.     I look forward to working on it more but I have other cars on the front burners right now.

Are there any other members in the Colorado area?

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I use to live in Englewood, we bought our R/T in Colorado Springs and still have it.
Congratulations on your 70 keep us posted.
The Idaho Andy
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(10-06-23, 09:38 PM)67r/t4speeder Wrote: I use to live in Englewood, we bought our R/T in Colorado Springs and still have it.
Congratulations on your 70 keep us posted.

Cool, post a pic sometime.
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Welcome to the forum! Finding a rust free car is a rarity these days, seems most have been crushed or already gone over. There are a few 70 owners on here, so ask away any questions you got. And if looking for parts, post something in the Parts Wanted section. I sold the majority of my parts by going thru those sections.

And you'll like Max... it's a cool car (as much as I bust his cajones over it)
I love Mopars so much I'm date coding the skid marks in my underwear.

Cool project! My first car was a 70 coronet 440 318 auto light blue with a black top
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Close your eyes and it’s past
-story of my life
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