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Welcome to the new and improved Dodge Coronet Forum!!
We've moved to a new software for hosting the forum. The URL is Please update your bookmarks.

First off, your login and password are same from other forum. You will have to log back in. If you forgot your password, you can reset it on the login screen.

Advantages of the new forum: 

1) While not 100% mobile friendly, it is MUCH better than the older version. You still have to scroll to do things, but it's much easier to control on both Iphone and Android products. 

2) Image uploading has finally come to the 21st century! You can either drag a picture from your PC or click in the attachment box and select it from the filesysyen or if on a mobile device you can actually take a picture and send it. The picture icon in the toolbar like in the old forum is for externally linked images on another webserver, not ones you have on your PC or phone. And, unlike the old forum, the size limit actually works. Images up to 8M in size can be uploaded, which right now is past what most cell phones can take. We can increase this as technology improves on phones.

3) Videos can now come from a multitude of platforms like Vimeo, Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and more. 4) If you're into social media and "liking", you can rate how good a post is. You can also share them on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. 5) You can subscribe to a post or forum and get notified when it's updated. This can help you get notified of a update to a post even if you haven't replied. 6) New users don't have to wait for us to manually authorize them. Answer t the human verification question and you'll get an email to authorize your login. Once you click on the link in the email, you're in! 7) Don't like your username? You can change it yourself without asking Piper or myself to do it.


Because we moved from the current forum to another, not everything migrated correctly. Here are some examples: 

A) If you had attachments embedded within the message on the old forum, they no longer appear within the message. They are now thumbnails at the bottom of the message you have to click on to view the full size image. Bad thing about this is the import process left behind part of the coding in the forum that points to the image. Other than me going thru each message and manually deleting over 8K entries, there is no way to remove them. So for old posts, you'll see a string of numbers at the bottom of the post, just ignore them.   Also, some images migrated over are sideways or upside down.  Unfortunately there is no way to fix this.

B) Not all signatures migrated correctly. If you had a sig pic or a custom color/size signature, it won't show correctly. You'll have to re-do the signature . To do this, click on your avatar in the upper left, this will bring up your profile parameters. Select EDIT OPTIONS. then CHANGE SIGNATURE. Unfortunately you can't upload a picture as part of your signature, it has to be hosted on a webserver someplace. 

C) You may see irregular characters in old posts and signatures. If the post is yours, feel free to edit it to fix it, if not let us know and we'll fix it. 

D) Due to variations in how the different forums handled video links, they may not appear correct  I have corrected most, but some may have gotten past. Send a PM to 67440dodge if you see one and he'll repair it for you.

E) It's a newer, modern forum, so things are different. Have a question, just ask and we'll do our best to help you thru it.

F) You may need to change your timezone to match where you live, right now it's set to Eastern Standard Time. To do this, click on your avatar in the upper left, this will bring up your profile parameters. Select EDIT OPTIONS. Look for "DATE AND TIME OPTIONS at bottom of screen. There is a selection "If you live in a time zone which differs to what this bforum is set at, you can select it from the list below.", select the time that matches your current time the closest. (Don't worry about Daylight Savings, it's figured in). Then click Update Options.

If you have any questions, sent 67440dodge or Piper a message and we'll get back to you. Thanks and enjoy the new board!
I love Mopars so much I'm date coding the skid marks in my underwear.

Thank you for all the hard work making this happen!!!
The Idaho Andy
SLOW Blue is scared of Maxine
Reply Purge Spammer

You are welcome.. it was definetely a challenge getting everything over and cleaned up. Still finding things here and there.
I love Mopars so much I'm date coding the skid marks in my underwear.

I'm hungry
The Idaho Andy
SLOW Blue is scared of Maxine
Reply Purge Spammer

(10-06-23, 09:46 PM)67r/t4speeder Wrote: I'm hungry

I got tired of waiting for those cheeseburgers and cooked a T-bone
I love Mopars so much I'm date coding the skid marks in my underwear.

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