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1967 Coronet Hemi Value
A lifelong best friend of over 50 years passed the other day. He has a 1967 Coronet Hemi car that I'm familiar with for @ least 30 years. The car has been stored inside all this time. It's a true Hemi car with the only options being am radio, factory Hemi 4-speed & Dana 60, I don't believe it's even an R/T as it hasn't any badging. There isn't any rust, it's dent free & has the original paint I think, although the door has some lettering. My knowledge of the car starts around Amarillo, TX in 1967 when purchased (I believe). It was stored for 2 years as the original owner went into the armed forces. Upon his return in 1969 he damaged the Hemi engine. The Coronet hasn't been driven nor running since. The mileage on the car is around 27k miles. That's the condition my bud bought the car I think in around 1990. My bud says it needs a new block although he never had a machinist check it out. I was wondering what an approximate appraised value for this Coronet could end up being with the engine complete but on the floor unassembled. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I may try to purchase out of his estate. Thanks
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Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend and a fellow veteran. Any chances you can post pictures of the car so we can tell you what trim level it is, or first 2 letters of the VIN? That'll help us determine what trim level it is, as that will have a tremendous impact on the value of the car.

It sounds like a true barn find, but I must warn you, 67 Coronets are the bastard stepchildren of the Mopar world, so their value is nowhere near what a 68 and up will bring. Also, muscle car's aren't bringing in the high dollars they used to, my gut feeling is people used the cheap interest rates to invest in real estate despite the booming market.
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Thanks for your response, I have a couple of pictures I'll try and put up this weekend. I do have the VIN# though, it's WS23J71162802.
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It's an R/T Hardtop... cha-ching!
I love Mopars so much I'm date coding the skid marks in my underwear.


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Thanks for your help again. I don't see any R/T badging on it but I would have thought most Hemi cars would have been an R/T upgrade. Any idea what the car would be worth as is, engine in a box & possibly a bad block ? I'm 800 miles from there now & hadn't seen the block but my bud says it's bad. Also was wondering if a replacement block is available ? Of course I would definitely try to repair the original numbers matching block.
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Welcome to the DCR strangleholdracn,

I believe that I'm seeing two holes on your friends Coronet on the forward end of the rear quarter panels just behind where the scallops are where the factory R/T emblems are located. I've attached a picture of another 67 R/T below for you to look at.

By the way the missing R/T emblems on your friends R/T are being reproduced and are being sold by various vendors as well as on eBay and other online sources. The 67 R/T owners will correct me if I'm wrong here, but I believe that the quarter panel mounted R/T emblems are the same for the 1967, 1968 and 1969 Dodge Coronet R/T's as well as the 1968 and 1969 Dodge Charger R/T's.

I thought you might also enjoy seeing your friends vin number decoded.


W = Car Line - W = Dodge
S = Price Class - S = Special (WS was used for the 1967-1970 Dodge Coronet R/T models as well as the 1971 Dodge Charger R/T models)
23 = Body Type - 23 = 2 Door Hardtop
J = Engine Type - J = 426 Hemi
7 = Model Year - 7 = 1967
1 = Assembly Plant - 1 = Lynch Road MI Plant
162802 = Vehicle Assembly Line Sequence Number (specific to each car)

I'm also very sorry to hear of your friends passing but I hope we can offer you some help on this very nice Hemi R/T. I'm not able to help you on the possible value of this car as that's never been an interest of mine, but others here will help I'm sure.


[Image: 60095578-770-0@2X.jpg]
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Continuing on the missing R/T emblems, there should also be an R/T emblem located on the drivers side of the front grille and one on the passenger side of the trunk lid mounted finish panel as shone in the pictures below. The front grile emblem is being reproduced but I'll have to look to see if the rear finish panel R/T emblem are available. Maybe one of our 67 R/T owners will know?


[Image: 60095580-770-0@2X.jpg]
[Image: 1967-dodge-coronet-r-t-hemi]

For some unknown reason, nobody seems to take me seriously............
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