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Inner back window felt?
I have a 70 coronet 500. I’m trying to refinish the inner back metal panels…surface rust from sun fade. The window felts are stapled to the metal. Should I take them off? How would I refasten them? Any opinions, tips, tricks or hints would be appreciated.
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Sorry no one has answered you. If the felts are in good shape I'd just paint over the rusty staples with a satin black paint to cover the rust. I believe the staples should come with the new felts if you buy them (mine did but that was almost 20yrs ago). If not, R/T Specialties in PA should have them, or any of the other Mopar vendors like Herb's in Delaware or Van's in Wisconsin I believe.
I love Mopars so much I'm date coding the skid marks in my underwear.

Thank you for your response. The felts are in really good shape. The rust is on the metal panel. I could take the Felts off and repair and repaint the metal, but I don’t know how I would resecure the them. I even tried to locate some aftermarket pieces to see if they had a new/different way to secure them, but couldn’t find any. I can’t imagine being able to re-staple them through the relatively thick metal.
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#4 theman440 just did them on his 67. Take a look and see if what he posted helps, or post a message there asking him how he did it.

wish I could be more help.
I love Mopars so much I'm date coding the skid marks in my underwear.

You can see how I did it on page 9 of the thread.
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Very helpful. Thank you both.
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