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1967 Coronet rebuild thread.
Hello Piper,

My 1966 Coronet 500 was also hit in that same area when a lage truck back into the car while the previous owner had the car. A friend of mine who did most of the paint and bodywork on my car back in 1990-91 used a special sheet metal puller tool to gently pull this section of the quarter panel back to it's original shape and only a very smal;l amount of body filler was needed to bring the panel back to factory specs. Some before, during and after pictures are posted below. No scallops on the 66 Coronets, but that same critical body line is there, so it can be fixed with patience and the right body tools.


[Image: 1966Coronet500-19893.jpg]

[Image: 1966Coronet500-passengersidequarter.jpg]

[Image: 1966Coronet500-passengersidequar-1.jpg]

[Image: 1966Coronet500-paintandbodywork-199.jpg]

[Image: 1966Coronet500-passengersidequar-3.jpg]

[Image: 1966Coronet500-passengersidequarterpanelrepair7.jpg]

[Image: 1966Coronet500-paintandbodywork--5.jpg]

[Image: 1966Coronet500-passengersidequar-5.jpg]
For some unknown reason, nobody seems to take me seriously............
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The Idaho Andy
Max is so fast I had to put a Quadrajet on it to slow it down so Ol Blue could keep up
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I have some progress to share soon Smile

Hi Piper, some of us are waiting for progress update. We are in a similar spot regarding restoring our ´67 Coronets. I notice, by the small holes on the sides that your car has had the side bezels running the entire length of the car. Are you using them again? I have decided to nix mine, because it will give a cleaner look. They might have been nice when these cars were new, but several shopping carts and other people´s open doors have made them less desirable.

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That is pretty cool you are interested!! I have some of the rear put back together and brakes, its just been cold up in the Northeast and it kind of slow down my progress.

On this car I am not going to use them (but do have them on my other 67 and do like the look)

I am stripping the car as much as I can body before it goes down to the the metal work done

The 3.23's are in, but will mostly come back out Im using Green stripes and I dont like how much of a tight fit the axles are (meaning how they are seated, feels like they are up against the center pin.

Windows should be out sometime this week and I ordered the Sherman patches


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