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convertible rear seat trim
Looking for a little help / guidance with the installation of the 2 trim panels that go behind the top of the rear seat in a 66 / 67 convertible. I can't remember how they came out. If anyone has any pics of this or can explain how they mount in. One that has the stainless trim mounted to it that the boot slides into.... that one is pretty easy, the one I don't know for sure is the panel that has the slotted key hole mounts in it........where does it belong?


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Here is a pic of it....I went and looked at a 67 convertible as a reference......I could not find this anywhere.....I am starting to wonder if its even for the car? I can't find any bolt hole patterns in the car that match up either.


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Mike, I dont believe that part belongs to the car. The panel behind the seat that holds the rail for the boot is just 1 piece.
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Thank you... I believe that is correct. When I brought all the pieces from the shed to the garage, the panel that mounts behind the seat was next to this piece...same color, same steel. Heck, that piece even has glue on it that looked similar to glue/caulk used across the header under the stainless. I assumed they went together. As you know, I've parted a few cars over the years and if that thing even goes in a car, it's probably for a Charger of the same era. Thanks again for the response.
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