Full Version: Power Brake Conversion for 1958 Coronet
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I've got a 1958 Dodge Coronet that has the original brake master cylinder. I would like to upgrade the master cylinder to a power brake system but don't know how to do it. Does anyone know if there is a power brake system that I should use that is an easy conversion that you can send me a link to purchase? Also, if you know of any good videos that show how to do the conversion, that would be helpful too.
Are you looking to upgrade to a dual pot master cylinder as well, or use the same single pot along with the factory style power setup? If you want to keep it a single pot setup with factory booster, best place to contact is AMS, they may have the parts you need (you'll need a new MC and linkage from pedal as well).

Unfortunately, I don't know of any pre-built kits out there that would bolt in. But, looking at pictures of a 58 MC, the bolt patter looks to be the same as 60/70's cars, so a setup from a later model year may work. Might require some fabrication to make it work though.

65rbdodge has a old Desoto I think that has upgraded brakes, maybe he'll chime in.
Still keeping stock appearance? or custom not worry about appearance?
I'm not keeping it stock.I just want it to be a driver with minimal cost. I would like to upgrade to a dual pot master cylinder.

I'm thinking of putting this disc brake conversion kit on it that comes with a new dual master cylinder and brackets to mount it with the original pedal. So if there's a brake booster kit that works with this one, that would be ideal.
Looks like a good kit, quality bearngs and seals.. usually the kits just sell the cheap stuff.

If someone here has a MC out of later model car that they could measure the distance between the mounting holes, and you could try to measure yours, then you know you can with the aftermarket kits, or if one is available in junkyard, grab them both. You'll get the mounting brackets and linkages, and be able to use the MC/booster as cores if needed/rebuild.

I did see a Youtube video where guy had a dual pot MC on his 58, but couldn't tell what brand it was by looking at it.
None of this will probably help you but On my desoto, I did major surgery, the master cylinder was under the floor. I moved it to the fire wall and used a set of dodge D50 pedals and a late 70s truck master cylinder. I kept it manual brakes. Also used the D50 clutch pedal with aftermarket master cylinder and hydraulic throw out bearing.

Depending on your skills you can make just about anything fit.

A good place for more info-