Full Version: Dodge Commercial
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We can pull anything... even your girl..
I like that pne
You like the fact Dodge can pull Lauri?? I bet she loves you for that... I promise not to tell her for a small fee each month..
Here's one more Piper's speed since he's gone to that side now..
Ayup... he's been on the dark side for a long time now.... convertibles, hard tops... mainly all Fox bodies..
67440Dodge Wrote:We can pull anything... even your girl..

About every Charger or Challenger I heard this weekend was supercharged makes me kinda want one.... when are they going to do a convertible!!
Chapman CDJR where I got my truck in Horsham is offering 3% below invoice on Hellcats, TRX's, etc... might be worth checking it out..
Andy got a new job building trucks...