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"Remember we looked em over couple years ago at Spring Fling Andy? The pretty much looked like a off-shore Edelbrock copy"
I didn't realize those were the same, yes those looked cheap at show. Get what you pay for.

I was thinking going aluminum on Tanks next engine if I don't follow through with plan 4BT which is what I really want.
Were those the Todd Marsh Sidewinders?

When I was researching building the GTX motor, I looked at my options. I liked the Sidewinders - yes they are a knock off head but the casting looked quite a bit better than the Eldebrocks I have seen. The casting looked real good. At that time I was not aware of the TrickFlow heads. I wanted to stay with standard port heads/intake and I felt that these heads would easily make my goal of 650 hp - fully ported.

Well my goal changed to 700 hp, and it would need to be too racey of a motor to get 700 hp out of these heads so I went with the TrickFlow 270 heads with a Mopar 337 intake. That met my 700 hp goal (results were 713 hp at 6000 rpm and 707 ft/lbs torque at 4600 rpm).

The one thing with the Sidewinders is they have a large chamber. That makes it tough sometimes to match for compression. My fresh spare motor would actually work very well with these heads (about 10:1 compression) and I should probably just save them for this motor. I have no plans for the spare motor right now.