My buddy who owns the 73 Charger SE that I've been talking about and asking questions about these past few weeks just purchased a 72 Charger off of eBay that was located in California and he picked it up this past weekend.

This 72 is a rather basic optioned car drivetrain wise, but it does have lots of trim moulding options and a few other interesting upgrades in the mix. Below are all of the options that I can remember.

Sherwood Green Metallic exterior, green interior
canopy style vinyl top, black (vinyl material had been stripped off, but all of the trim mouldings are still in place and in pretty good condition)
hidden headlights
318 with a 2 barrel carb, rated @ 150 horsepower (did not come with the car)
single exhaust
904 column shifted automatic transmission (light duty)
8,25 rear differential (haven't checked the gear ratio yet)
manual brakes
manual steering
no air conditioning
3 speed windshield wipers
split bench front seat
150 mph speedometer in a non Ralltye gauge cluster (not sure if this was an upgrade or not in 72, but still cool)
Music Master AM radio (2 watt)
instrument panel mounted hood release
drip trough mouldings
body sill mouldings
wheel lip mouldings
front bumper periphery mouldings
rear bumper periphery mouldings
front and rear bumper guards
fender mounted turn signals
driver side remote chrome mirror, racing style

As mentioned, the 318 was gone, the interior is toast and the body is in poor condition, but it still has the complete hidden headlight assembly in place that can be easily restored which is why my friend bought the car and it also has some parts that he will be able to resell, but the best part is that he was able to purchase this whole car for less than he's seen just the hidden headlight assembly being sold for, so he will strip off all of the parts that he wants to use on his 73 and will sell off the rest.

Some pictures of this 72 that I took this past Sunday at my friends automotive shop.