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Should look like old one bolted to 904 that came out. Might check that first, you can buy just poly/rubber part for it.
Thanks Andy, we will have to look into that.

I'm going to feel much better when my friend has the special conversion motor and transmission mounts on hand to mount the 69 440 and matching 727 transmission into this car, as that looks to be the biggest challenge drivetrain wise. I'm also going to need to find him a "971" Chrysler center sump oil pan so that the pan will clear the different style k-frame that this car has. Like me, he isn't a fan of running headers on a street car, so I've suggested that he purchase a set of the 1968-69 factory HP exhaust manifolds and he's also been looking at the TTI exhaust system packages, so that should make doing the new exhaust system much easier.