Worked on image uploading this morning and was able to make a workaround.

Despite the fact the server is configured to images up to 4G in file size and 8K x 8K in image size, it cannot handle it. This is a common problem with this forum version, and while the company takes 's money for maintenance upgrades and license renewals, they no longer support this version. They only support one housed on their servers and is prohibitively expensive unless we started charging or accepting advertisers, which is something we wont do. We are the only car forum out there that doesn't bombard you with car ad's or sell your personal information and have no plans to do so.

So, in order to upload pictures, you need to limit them to less than 2G in file size and less than 4K X 4K in image size If it's larger than 2G, it will just bomb out like it has before, if it's larger than 4K, you will get a notice saying it's too large. Easiest way to do that is open the picture in a picture app on your computer or phone, select resize and reduce it by at least 75%. I do 50 just to be safe, it still looks good on the board. Also, if using a smart phone, switch to the full version of the site as the mobile version ain't the greatest.

Also, it will create thumbnails of your images to display on the pages, to view them full screen just click on them.

If you have any questions, or can't upload, send me a PM and I'll give you my email address and I'll post them for you.

Thanks for your understanding in this. Trying our best to make this place work with the limited resources. We appreciate those that have stuck with us besides the other options available.